Pictures and video from Kilobots 27

Dennis Beck captured some great shots of the action and has uploaded them into an album here: He has also uploaded some videos here: For all the fights in HD (from inside the arena!), check out Dirk Stonehouse’s channel: And my personal favourite: Antweight Rumble! Nine robots, and not one is pushed ...

Kilobots 27 – January 18-19 2014!

We had such a good time at the Center Mall in Saskatoon last time that we’re going to be back again! Order your robot kits and parts for Christmas and you’ll have enough time to get them perfected for Kilobots 27, January 18-19 2014. We will be running 11:00-5:00 both days.

Next event and World Combots Championship!

The Fireworks Festival was a blast! (hah!) The next event is so far unplanned, but historically there is something between January-March. Get your bots built over the holidays! The exciting news is that Canada is once again home to the BIG BOTS! The WCC (World Combot Championship) is a traveling event based out of Winnipeg. ...

Kilobots XXVI, August 30th & 31st

Coming up in just a month is Kilobots XXVI at the PotashCorp Fireworks Festival ( If you’re planning on competing, head over to our message boards and let us know. If you’re just planning on coming to watch, we’ll see you there! Either way – mark your calendars! Specific details (such as exact times) will ...

Kilobots XXV, May 18th & 19th

Mark your calendars! Kilobots XXV is coming up this month! The event will take place at The Centre Mall all day on May 18th & 19th, with fights happening every hour on the hour. We will be fighting in front of North Shore Outfitters. See you there! Check out our event poster here, and feel ...

Slow-Motion Video Compilation from Kilobots Lite 2013

Travis Schmidt has created a compilation video from slow-motion footage taken at Kilobots Lite 2013 (last month), and it’s awesome to see some of the devastating hits frame-by-frame!

Kilobots 24 tournament now on YouTube!

Did you miss the Sasktel Max broadcast of the Kilobots at Spectrum 2013?  Well we got permission to upload the entire thing to YouTube! Here is the SCRC YouTube channel, and here is the Kilobots 24 playlist!

Kilobots 24 airing on Sasktel Max On Demand (Ch48)!

If you missed the action at Spectrum 2013 last month, you can watch it all in with commentary on Sasktel Max! Watch a preview here. We will post the whole show once our copy arrives in the mail.

Kilobots Arena Upgrades pt2

We were able to finish up almost everything today.  The hazards aren’t running as well as we want, so they will need some tweaking.  Other than that, it’s all looking very spiffy!

Kilobots Arena Upgrades!

We were able to borrow some space at Saskatoon TechWorks to do some long-awaited upgrades to the arena. This is what it looked like before the weekend: The arena sides are now all clad in diamond plate aluminum, and trailer lights have been added all the way around, bottom and top. The roof got repainted ...