What is a Kilobots Event?

Since we have been getting a lot of travelers through here who may not know what a Kilobots event is, I thought I would quickly explain. Kilobots are fighting robots armed with saw blades, spikes, hammers, flippers, rams, you name it.  The object of each fight is to disable your opponent’s robot by capitalizing on their weaknesses. This often involves breaking it in some way or forcing the enemy robot out the arena. The fights are very exciting to watch, and even more exciting to participate in!


So What Are Kilobots?

Kilobots are 150gram, 1lb, or 3lb radio controlled fighting robots; miniature versions of their larger BattleBot™ cousins. The Kilobots in SCRC events sport vicious weapons including high-speed titanium blades, battering rams, spinning saws, crushing jaws and pneumatic flipping arms. At our tournaments you will see some of the most innovative and destructive sub-lightweight robots in all the world!


The Builders

SCRC Builders
The design of each competitor’s Kilobot is as different as the builders behind them. Competitors range from high school students to grandparents, male and female. All are part of a tight-knit community that welcomes new members. The SCRC does not meet in person like other clubs, but instead has has ongoing discussions in an online SPARC forum and in our SCRC Builders facebook group. Builders can post progress reports on their bots and get answers to any questions they have.  You are welcome to join and see what this mayhem is all about.  If you only want to know when the next events are, it’s as easy as following the SCRC facebook page.


The Arena

The SCRC arena is rated A-6-ICE.
A: Best protection, no weapon RPM limitations.
6: 3lb max weight class (plus 100% walker weight bonus, 6lbs max).
ICE: Internal combustion engines are allowed (driver must wipe the walls and floor after each match).
We do not allow flame weapons (they foul up the polycarbonate walls).

The SCRC arena is enclosed in 3/8″ thick polycarbonate to protect the spectators and operators from flying shrapnel that is torn from opponents. It is built onto a trailer for easy setup and is one of the best in all the SPARC events.
The fighting surface is 6×8′ and made of two layers of 12gauge steel. The arena sports two spinning hazards and two death zones (each driver decides on their side’s pushout being open/closed).  This keeps matches exciting and adds an extra layer of strategy to the driving.


Want To Build Your Own?

Are you an R/C Hobbyist? Are you interested in robots? Have you ever seen BattleBots™ on TV and thought, “I’d like to try that!” Well here is your chance to become part of the excitement.

Saskatoon hosts the largest combat robotics events in Canada and a great collection of knowledgeable builders. For advice on building your own Kilobot, check out the SCRC board on the SPARC forum, the rules, and the event archives.


Need Parts?

Motors, batteries, wheels, radios, etc…

Find everything you need at www.FingerTechRobotics.com. Whole kits and more to get you going in the sport of combat robotics!