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  • Event Waiver/Disclaimer


    1. The Competitor will not, without permission of the SCRC, use commercially any description, account, picture or reproduction (including footage on film, tape or other medium and any outtake, music, sound or effects track) of any robotic instruction, practice, competition or other event occurring under SCRC auspices (including pre- and post-event activities) to which membership admits him (collectively, the events). Breach of any of the foregoing will automatically terminate the Competitor license of admission but not Competitor other agreements in this Agreement and Consent.

    2. The license granted by this Agreement and Consent may also be terminated by determination of any official or agent of the SCRC. Membership is personal to the Competitor and is nontransferable and not divisible.

    3. The Competitor irrevocably grants permission to the SCRC and its agents, licensees and licensors nonexclusively to utilize my and my robot name and image or likeness in published photographs or incidental to any live or recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of any Event. The Competitor understands and agrees that (a) any photographs, films, videotapes or other audio or visual recordings created by the SCRC or its staff will be the sole property of the SCRC and (b) the SCRC or any appropriate staff member may edit, preserve, destroy or release all or any part of such photographs, films, videotapes or other audio or visual recordings.

    4. The Competitor assumes all risk and danger incidental to robotics combat, events and related activities, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to an Event, including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by airborne robots, parts of robots or all or parts of the combat enclosure or surrounds or by the conduct of other members, ticket holders or spectators and the danger of suffering loss of or damage to the Competitor (or other) robots or other property. The Competitor understands that the goal of robot fighting is for one robot to damage another during sanctioned combat, and releases the opponent from any claims for damage caused by one robot to another during such combat.

    5. Competitor agrees that the SCRC, its agents, owners, licensors, licensees, any organization governing any Event, and any other competitor or Event participant (and their respective agents) are not liable to Competitor for injuries or other loss or expense resulting from any of such dangers or causes, or for theft or disappearance of property owned or used by Competitor.

    6. Despite Competitor release of all such persons, Competitor shall be responsible to the SCRC and such other persons for any damage, injuries and expense caused by Competitor or Competitor robots or other property. Additionally, Competitor will pay, when due and in full, all SCRC invoices for goods, services, admissions or instruction rendered to Competitor and for dues and fees of general application. It is understood that this clause does not apply to damage caused by the Competitor robot to an opponent during a sanctioned combat in the arena.

    7. I understand that during the course of Events, unforeseen or unexpected conditions may arise which could threaten my health or property. I request and authorize the SCRC to contact my parent or other authorized contact designated below to (or if such person is unavailable, the SCRC may) take responsible steps to obtain medical assistance for me or to preserve or dispose of property owned or used by me at the SCRC premises or other Events.

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