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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a separate “rookie” tournament, or is the rookie designation there for some other reason?
A: Alongside the regular (called “Masters”) 1lb and 3lb weight classes, the SCRC runs a 1lb Rookie class for new builders to get some experience. You can compete in that class as long as you need to, until you or the group decides you have graduated.

Q: How is the competition structured? (Round robin, single elimination, etc)
A: Kilobots tournaments are double-elimination format, so that everyone gets at least two fights. If there are fewer than 8 bots in a category we may decide to use round-robin to give more fights.

Q: How many tournaments are there a year?
A: We usually run three per year. The annual Canadian National Championship is in September. The other two are usually around January and June.

Q: So all robots must have an led and their name printed somewhere on the robot?
A: That’s right! The Power LED is for safety, and the name is to make it easier for the audience and announcers to know which robot is which.