2017 Canadian National Championships

This year’s Nationals were hugely successful! We entertained over 15,000 spectators over the weekend and for a short time (if you live in Saskatchewan) you can watch the Kilobots TV show on Sasktel Max On Demand! (We will post a link to the YouTube version once the television run is done.)
If you want to watch just the raw fight footage, check out the Event Videos page!

Keep an eye out here for news on the 2018 Canadian National Championships, September 2018!

Robots Registered for Canadian National Championship @ Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo

1.) Anto (150gram Fairyweight)
2.) Beaky (150gram Fairyweight)
3.) Cracker Jack (150gram Fairyweight)
4.) Derpy Dozer (150gram Fairyweight)
5.) Foxic Jr (150gram Fairyweight)
6.) Mandy Bulls (150gram Fairyweight)
7.) Mr. Do (150gram Fairyweight)
8.) Nibbles (150gram Fairyweight)
9.) One Punch (150gram Fairyweight)
10.) Pissed Off Unicorn (150gram Fairyweight)
11.) Rev (150gram Fairyweight)
12.) Scoop (150gram Fairyweight)
13.) Stumpy Unleashed (150gram Fairyweight)
14.) The Grate Gatsby (150gram Fairyweight)
15.) The Tooth Fairy (150gram Fairyweight)
16.) Troubleshooter (150gram Fairyweight)
17.) 2 Bite Brownie (1lb Antweight Masters)
18.) AbsurdiTi (1lb Antweight Masters)
19.) Bing Bang (Boom) (1lb Antweight Masters)
20.) Blue Steel (1lb Antweight Masters)
21.) Chomper (1lb Antweight Masters)
22.) Exp (1lb Antweight Masters)
23.) FireAnt (1lb Antweight Masters)
24.) Iron Infidel (1lb Antweight Masters)
25.) Mack (1lb Antweight Masters)
26.) Mega London (1lb Antweight Masters)
27.) Mega Looon (1lb Antweight Masters)
28.) Metroid (1lb Antweight Masters)
29.) Mulletron (1lb Antweight Masters)
30.) Odium (1lb Antweight Masters)
31.) Parallelobot (1lb Antweight Masters)
32.) Sam (1lb Antweight Masters)
33.) The Minions (1lb Antweight Masters)
34.) Tiger Shark (1lb Antweight Masters)
35.) Ting Tang (1lb Antweight Masters)
36.) √v wedge 1 (1lb Antweight Masters)
37.) Chop (1lb Antweight Rookie)
38.) Chopper (1lb Antweight Rookie)
39.) Cookie (1lb Antweight Rookie)
40.) Cupcake (1lb Antweight Rookie)
41.) DERP bot (1lb Antweight Rookie)
42.) Dizzy Demise (1lb Antweight Rookie)
43.) Lift (1lb Antweight Rookie)
44.) Mini Turtle (1lb Antweight Rookie)
45.) Rainbow Barf (1lb Antweight Rookie)
46.) Sawful (1lb Antweight Rookie)
47.) Spin (1lb Antweight Rookie)
48.) Animus (3lb Beetleweight)
49.) Bloodless (3lb Beetleweight)
50.) Chaos Theory (3lb Beetleweight)
51.) Dr. Horrible (3lb Beetleweight)
52.) Fire Eater (3lb Beetleweight)
53.) HyperSchlock (3lb Beetleweight)
54.) Icky Mouse (3lb Beetleweight)
55.) InsaniTi (3lb Beetleweight)
56.) Killer Turtle (3lb Beetleweight)
57.) Launchpad (3lb Beetleweight)
58.) Mega Don G (3lb Beetleweight)
59.) NightWing (3lb Beetleweight)
60.) Scary Thing (3lb Beetleweight)
61.) Super Shooter McGavin (3lb Beetleweight)
62.) The Butcher (3lb Beetleweight)
63.) Unknown Avenger (3lb Beetleweight)
64.) Utopia (3lb Beetleweight)
65.) Walla Walla (3lb Beetleweight)