?? KILOBOTS IS EXPANDING! ?? We are very excited to announce that Kilobots is expanding into other Canadian provinces! A bit of restructuring has been happening behind the scenes: “Kilobots” is no longer just the event name, “Kilobots Combat Robot Events” is now the main body that holds events across the country. The SCRC (previously ...

Streaming Pt4 tonight – The Finals! Tune in at 10PM EST / 9PM CST / 7PM PST!

Streaming the 2019 Canadian National Championship!

Looking for more robotic mayhem? Monday Jan 18 we will be streaming Part 1 of the 2019 Canadian National Championship!How many BattleBots builders can you spot? Join us at to watch and chat live with the competitors and other builders! 10PM EST / 9PM CST / 7PM PSTSubscribe to the channel to be notified ...

Kilobots COVID-19 updates

It’s been a while since we destroyed some robots! August 2019 to be exact. May’s “RoboPalooza” at Saskatoon Maker Faire was cancelled, June’s “Rent-to-Wreck” at Frontier Days was cancelled, and the 2020 Canadian National Championship isn’t looking good for August either! But we’re still building. Having months of extra time is going to produce some ...

Videos galore!

Playlists for both the 2018 Canadian National Championship and the 2019 Spectrum @ UofS event are now uploaded!  Head to the Past Events & Videos page to watch!

Workshop: Build Your Own Combat Robot

Did you see Kilobots XLI  at Spectrum last weekend?? Does fighting robots look fun, but you’re not quite sure how to get into it? This is it – the workshop that finishes with you holding your very own Viper 1lb combat robot, ready to compete in the next Kilobots event! <Link removed to past event> ...

New SCRC promo video!

We just got ourselves a new promo video, so next time somebody asks what is a Kilobots event, point them to here! (Also embedded on out About page.)

Talk about getting your ducks in a row!

Talk about getting your ducks in a row!  We have just about finalized the next year of events!  Check out the Upcoming Events page for details!

Kilobots TV Show (SaskTel Max) now on YouTube!

Check out our Past Events videos page or go straight to YouTube to watch the TV show of Day 2!

Kilobots XXXV TV show now airing

The Kilobots XXXV TV show is now airing on SaskTel MaxTV Local On Demand, until March 2, 2017.  Grab your popcorn, this time ALL the fights are being shown from start to finish!