Contact Us

These are people that volunteer their time to organize the events and make sure everything runs smoothly. Hats off to them!

Event Organizer, Public Relations : Ethan McKibben
If you would like an event held at your venue or would like to advertise on our arena or DVDs, send Ethan an email.

Sponsorships, Prize Donations : Travis Schmidt
Without our sponsors, Kilobots would not be as successful as it is.  We make sure the competitors and audience know all about the companies that donate money and prizes.

Safety Officer
Pre-event questions relating to robot designs, allowable weapons, weight bonuses, etc, can be directed to Ethan.

Fight Coordinator
Once the event has begun, the Fight Coordinator is responsible for making sure things run smoothly and there are always bots lined up ready to fight.

Judge, Referee, Arena Wranglers
These volunteers change with each event held, but they are just as important every time, and we thank them heartily.