SPARC Compliant

Kilobots tournaments are run according to SPARC standards. These are designed to make the tournaments safe, fair and exciting all at the same time.  The beauty of SPARC (Standardized Procedures for the Advancement of Robotic Combat) is that if your robot is legal at a Kilobots event, it will be legal at all other SPARC-compliant events around the world!

Before you start having wild fantasies of flying robots that will breathe fire (oh wait that’s a dragon), download and read these thoroughly and carefully. It’s important that you know all the rules clearly to make your robot building experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Here are links to the SPARC rules, specs, and guidelines.  Keep scrolling below for commonly asked rule questions and any rules differing from the SPARC Standards.

SPARC Robot Construction Specifications (How to build)
SPARC Tournament Procedures (How to compete)
SPARC Match Rules (How to fight)
SPARC Judging Guidelines (How to win!)

Here are some of the rules we get asked about a lot. These apply to all Kilobots organized events and may deviate from the SPARC ruleset:

  • Kilobots events run weight classes of 1lb Antweight Masters, 1lb Antweight Rookie, 3lb Beetleweights, and now also 150gram Fleaweights!
  • 1lb Antweight Rookie: Alongside the regular (aka “Masters”) weight classes, Kilobots runs a 1lb Rookie class for new builders to gain some experience. You can compete in that class as long as you need to, until you or the group decides you have graduated.  Winner of the Rookie class gets a free entry into the next event’s Masters class!
  • Weight bonuses: Shuffler 50%, True Walker 100%
  • No fire or explosive weapons, liquid, radio jamming. Think “bashing.”
  • “Toy radios” are only allowed for non-weaponed bots.
  • Your bot must have a visible power light/LED and a main power switch or plug that you can power down quickly after a match.
  • Your bot must have its name displayed for the audience (and announcer) to see.
  • Your bot must have a visible weapon locking device, which is taken out after the bot is powered up.
  • An electronic failsafe is required for all weapons (most common radios and speed controllers handle this).
  • Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) are allowed provided you wipe down the arena walls and floor after every match.
  • A double knockout / double pushout will restart both bots in their corners on their wheels.  (No repairs may be made.)
  • Kilobots is pioneering some new events formats including 2v2 tournaments and Rumble Brackets!

Registering for a Kilobots Event means that you and your entire team have read and agreed to the Kilobots Competitor Consent and Liability Waiver.  This agreement is linked to again during registration.