We often get asked “How can I join the club?”

Well contrary to its name, the Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club isn’t a traditional club.  There are no monthly dues, and no monthly meetings to attend.  All the builders are a part of the SPARC Online Forum and SCRC Facebook Group and check in there often to ask questions, post build reports, update event info, etc.    If you introduce yourself there, you will soon be greeted by everyone!

The fees only come into play when you attend an event.  At each event there is a cost of $10 per team and a fee for each robot entered.  The robot cost depends on weight class:

  • Fleaweights (150grams) $20
  • Antweight Rookie (1lb) No cost (still $10 team fee)
  • Antweight Masters (1lb) $25
  • Beetleweights (3lb) $30

All money collected stays in the club!  It goes straight towards arena maintenance and upgrades.

So join the Forum today and start designing your robot – we will gladly help!