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Upcoming Events

  1. Last event: October 26-27, 2019 – Kilobots XLIV – Calgary Robot Smash-Up
  2. Previous event: August 10-11, 2019 – Kilobots XLIII – Canadian National Championships
  3. Then maybe: May 2021 – Regina Expo, or Sept 2021 – Sask Expo
    – Trialing a new Rent ‘n Smash fundraiser event
  4. In the distant future: May 30, 2021 – Saskatoon Mini Maker Faire
    – Registration not yet open
  5. And finally: August, 2021 – Canadian National Championships
    – Registration not yet open

Annual Kilobots Events

The SCRC typically holds three events a year.  One in January, one in May, and one in August/September.

January focuses on including the audience in fun exhibition matches.  Our intention is to get you hooked and see you at the next event with a robot of your own!  Matches include King of the Hill, 2-on-2 Bot Soccer, Can Clearing, and the Pinball Gauntlet!  The winter event sometimes moves ahead or back a month depending on the venue.  We have held events in shopping centers, schools, the Saskatoon Fireworks Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Wakeride, and every three years at the University’s “Cameco Spectrum” Science & Engineering Expo.  If you want to drive a robot, this one is for you!
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Kilobots RoboPalooza at Saskatoon Maker Faire.  This event is an exhilarating 2-vs-2 gladiator-style tournament with twice the destruction potential for each and every match!  Between the tournament matches, audience members are invited to drive robots in a number of games and challenges.

The Kilobots Canadian National Championship is held in conjunction with the Saskatoon Ex.  This is one you don’t want to miss!  Teams from across Canada, the USA and the UK travel to Saskatoon to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes and the coveted “Kilobots Cup”.  Meet teams (and robots!) that have competed on BattleBots and Robot Wars, and at the International RoboGames.

Read an article from one of our 2016 international competitors, courtesy of SERVO Magazine (click for pdf):
Servo 2017-05 Why Visit Canada Another article from 2017, courtesy of SERVO Magazine (click for pdf):