We are very excited to announce that Kilobots is expanding into other Canadian provinces!

A bit of restructuring has been happening behind the scenes:

  • “Kilobots” is no longer just the event name, “Kilobots Combat Robot Events” is now the main body that holds events across the country.
  • The SCRC (previously Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) is now SKRC Kilobots (Saskatchewan Robot Combat) to fit the new naming scheme.
  • We are proud to announce the newly created ABRC Kilobots (Alberta Robot Combat) and soon-to-be BCRC Kilobots (British Columbia Robot Combat).
  • Kilobots is funding new arena builds in each of those provinces so that our combat robot events can be held across Canada. All arenas will be built to the same high standard as the original, with unique twists/hazards in each.
  • Each province will have its own Facebook page for provincial event news, with this website ( remaining the main hub for all news.

Event News:

  • We have been invited to entertain the crowds at Sask Entertainment Expo, happening April 29- May 1.  Come check us out, watch some destruction, and maybe drive a robot yourself!
  • Calgary is the first new event to be added to the Kilobots event family!  Matt and Brian have been hard at work preparing the event and arena to be ready for Maker Faire Calgary on May 14-15, 2022.  Find it on the Events page.  Let’s make it a homerun!
  • Our very own FingerTech Robotics has a new Headquarters and will have the Saskatoon arena permanently set up for events and off-season testing!
  • KILOBOTS LIVE 2022!  The annual Canadian National Championship will be held during this event.  It’s going to be big, colorful, loud, and exciting!  With prizes for Most Entertaining Robots, you are sure to have a blast!