Kilobots 52 – The Paradox

Bot builders!
Have you figured out your upgrades for Nationals? Do you need an extra test to make sure you design is viable? Do you crave bot parts and scrap metal?
Well I have an announcement for you!
Kilobots 52 and BBQ!
Yea you read me right! This one day event will be happening Saturday July 15th 2023 at the Fingertech headquarters for a fight to see who can take home the test data for nationals, but also the Prizing AND Pogs up for grabs.
What? A one day event isn’t worth the drive? You need even more test data than that? Well don’t you worry!
On Sunday July 16th we will be having a secondary mini tournament with some smaller prizing up for grabs! Don’t have enough bot left to destroy or have all the data you need? Well don’t you worry! Come anyway and enjoy our BBQ fundraiser (Hotdogs & Burgers) and chat with your fellow builders on ideas, improvements and repairs that you can make. Funds from the BBQ will go back into the club to help with arena repairs and make future events even better!
Don’t feel in the mood to compete? Just want to come and help out or hang out? Feel free! We always need an audience and it would be wonderful to have volunteers to man the camera angles or help with judging!
We’re hoping to make this the biggest event we can, and to try and bring together as much of the local community as possible both old and new. This community is a great one and while we have all been or are going through tough times, this community is one that looks out for each other and after being isolated for so long its time to reconnect.
So while its a little paradoxical, let’s make this bot family reunion of an event a great one!

P.S.: Keep an eye out for updates as prizing and more info is finalized and released!